My Friends Business - You can learn from them

Hello guys, welcome again to my blog. Today we will learn about making money with opening new business that cover local area at the first step and gain more exposure to get nation wide company before we move to worldwide market.

From the all above biggest things we should start by simple step. And we will learn from my friends that success start their business from scratch. They are here to give you some of their word.

Mata Jangkar - He open new brands, Taopik start his business in domain name. He snap all the valuable domain that he can resell it right away. Maybe you ever heard about investing domain? That what he does, but not for long term investment, he buy and sell within one month to gain profit as fast as possible.

Extra Raphael - For the first time he just want to help his neighbor that made brooch handicraft. They are struggling to get a great number of sales. He start it from nothing by borrowing sample from them. Then he visit many wholesaler in his area. And in few months they are become a giant in the industry. They can sell more than 10.000 piece of handmade brooch in one week.

Mad Veterans - is a brand of T shirt screen printing company. A small one that born in garage. Start with three of friend that now turn into huge profit business by getting contract with lots of big brands clients.

Cingcirining - Another example of hard work. They are supply food and beverages product to 90% restaurant and cafe in their area. More amazing because they are start from nothing and became the market leader.

Hegemonia Extra - Start from Budi who love gardening, they are now sell seed of many plants for home and business. They are also getting bigger with lots of brand exposure.

Remoz Moz - The culinary business is never end. Maybe you do not know them, but know their products with their franchisee in all the country they are the best in create and sell their business.

One Bite - The pastry expert, start from friend who order to her. Then she open order for everybody from her blog. Now she have 10 outlets in mall and also have a pastry course class that never empty.

Asep Melbourne - He start as an employee. A technician at IT company. He really stress because his salary is really low. Then he quit from there start his business by getting job to repair computer in Melbourne. Start by himself without any assistant. He pick up the phone, drive to the client place, repair it. Again and again. Now he made it super big with getting lots of satisfied clients and also have 20 repairman who work for him.

That was amazing story from my fellow friend who start their business from nothing. They are live in many place in this world. They are do the same things. Never give up.